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What to Expect During Wisdom Tooth Eruption

Posted on 8/10/2017 by Dr. Leo Townsend, DDS
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Your wisdom teeth typically erupt when you are between 17 and 25 years old. Technically, it's called the third molar, which should be located furthermost of your lower and upper jaw. It got its name from the fact that the late teens have supposedly gained wisdom.

However, not everyone's wisdom tooth will erupt so don't be scared if you can't find on your gum. Nevertheless, see us just in case so we can assess if it's impacted.

Signs and Symptoms of Erupted Wisdom Tooth

Our wisdom tooth is our link to our ancestors when the time they needed those extra teeth to chew hard meat. However, they have become useless nowadays. In fact, more than 3 in 10 people won't have wisdom teeth in their lifetime.

In cases when it's not asymptomatic, you will feel some discomfort, pressure and even mild pain when the cusp of the wisdom tooth pushes itself upwards to break through your gums.

Pain can be severe if your jaw is already crowded and the wisdom tooth fails to erupt properly or grow crookedly. When the latter occurs, it may cause some movement on your teeth, which is why they appear twisted and misaligned.

If the third molars are inflamed, it would be painful to chew food for a time. You may also feel some soreness or swelling in the gums. If the jaws are already crowded when the wisdom tooth erupts, it's not uncommon for people to always bite on the inside of their cheeks or tongue. See us immediately so we can rectify the situation.

Call us if your wisdom tooth has never erupted or has impacted. If it's impacted, it does require a bit of dental work, but only in extreme cases. In some instances, they are better left alone. See us so we can make the proper assessment.

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