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How Can Teeth Become Remineralized?

Posted on 6/10/2019 by Dr. Leo Townsend, DDS
How Can Teeth Become Remineralized?Tooth remineralization is a natural process in which your body will replenish the tooth's enamel. You might not know it, but this process occurs every day, just as demineralization also occurs on a daily basis. A balance of these two processes will determine whether or not you get a cavity.

Understanding Tooth Remineralizaiton

You may be surprised to learn that the teeth are actually porous. The outer surface is covered in tiny holes, which makes it easy for minerals and more troublesome substances to enter the enamel. Nicotine, coffee, and red wine are able to enter the teeth this way, leaving behind stains.

Just as the teeth can demineralize, they can also remineralize with calcium, phosphate, and other important elements in the saliva. These components attach to the enamel in order to strengthen it. The saliva also helps to keep the mouth less acidic, which is essential in avoiding potential cavities.

Ways to Reminerailze Your Teeth

There are several ways that you can support the remineralization process with your teeth. First, avoid dry mouth by ensuring that you stay well hydrated. Sip on water throughout the day and talk to us if you are taking a medication that dries out your mouth.

Your diet is also important if you want to remineralize your teeth. Processed foods, sugary snacks, and soda are all bad news when it comes to your enamel. Avoid these foods and add nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet. Cheese is also a big help, as it is packed full of calcium that is needed to maintain strong teeth. Other good additions to your diet include eggs, wild-caught fish, avocado, and poultry.

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