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Can Your Dental Abscess Burst?

Posted on 9/20/2019 by Dr. Leo Townsend, DDS
Can Your Dental Abscess Burst?Abscesses are serious dental issues that often can lead to other problems if they are not addressed right away. Due to this, it is recommended that you speak with our office at the first signs of one of these abscesses inside the mouth.

Since it is an infection, it can spread to the other areas of the face and body. When this happens, the person can become even sicker and it can become a more serious issue.

A Burst Dental Abscess

Having a dental abscess is a serious issue and it can become quite painful. It is pus that builds up in the gum, in the gum line, under the tooth, and in other areas. When the abscess becomes too filled, it can push on the area and this can cause it to burst.

When the abscess bursts, the pus can leak into the mouth and this can leave a taste. The person may even feel more pain when this happens. This will leave an open area on the gum. This can lead to more bacteria entering into the open wound on the gum.

If this is something that happens, it is very important to speak with our office regarding the help that we can provide. Antibiotics are required when someone has an abscess and sometimes removing the tooth that is infected can also provide relief and ensure that the infection is removed.

Speak with a professional at our office right away if you're experiencing a dental abscess, especially one that has burst. We can work to save the tooth if it is not too badly damaged. However, another course of action can be taken depending on the severity of the abscess. Call us right away if you notice one, and our office staff can schedule a time to have you come in as soon as possible.

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