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Sedation Dentistry for Kids
Elk Grove, CA

Sedation for Kids in Elk Grove, CA At Laguna View Family Dental, we are prepared to provide safe, effective conscious sedatives to assist with dental treatment. Sedation before surgical dental treatment for kids allows us to get more work done while helping your child remain calm, overall leading to fewer office visits and anxiety. We care about your children!

Your child’s dental health is important; it’s important to their overall health and long-term dental health. When treatment is needed, we want to provide your child with an awareness that they are going to be ok, that there is nothing to be afraid of. Dental treatment can be intimidating to anyone, especially our younger patients. They can not see what we are doing, they are asked to lie with their mouths open for an extended period of time, and they hear sounds or smell smells that are foreign to them, all of this can lead to a strong dislike of what is being done, meaning a strong dislike for dentists in general. Choosing to help your child feel more comfortable with conscious sedation will make the experience more comfortable and help influence their view on future dental care.

What does conscious sedation mean?

For most patients, when they hear sedation, they assume the patient is being put to sleep. Conscious sedation is different, we provide the patient with means to help them feel calm, but they are not medically induced into sleep. There are various ways we can do that, we can give them a liquid medication to drink, a pill to swallow, or a gas to inhale, for some patients we may recommend a combination. The type of sedative we recommend will be based on your child’s needs. The different forms of sedatives include:

•  Oral Sedative Medication: There are various forms of liquid and pill sedatives that can be prescribed for children to induce calming prior to dental treatment. In general, we prescribe children with benzodiazepines, more commonly known by the name valium or Xanax. This form of medication does not reduce pain, the local anesthetic we give will reduce pain. Benzodiazepines will cause your child to feel calm or euphoric sensation, and though some children will feel calm enough to fall asleep, they are not medically induced to sleep. The effects of this medication are temporary, they may feel sleepy or quiet for several hours but will dissipate.
•  Nitrous Oxide Gas: More commonly referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide may not make your child laugh, but it will help them feel more at ease. The name laughing gas was more appropriately applied to earlier levels of nitrous oxide gas given, today we blend the gas with oxygen, so the patient has enough to induce calm without feeling silly. If you are nervous about medicating your child, nitrous oxide is a great alternative to oral sedatives. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through the nose, it delivers medication while being breathed in, once the mask is removed the sensation almost immediately dissipate, with very few patients exhibiting any lasting effects.

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