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Laguna View Family Dental has the highest quality technology, and that includes our x-ray equipment. We only accept the best, most cutting edge products available to make your experience the best that we can. We have several different options, but the most common x-ray practice takes place during your general check-up appointments that we recommend you have done at least every six months. You may be familiar with x-rays, but we have more information for your use should you have any questions at all.

What Is A Dental X-Ray?

There are several types of dental x-rays, including commonly the bitewing and panoramic. Both of these examples show teeth, jaw, and tissues that are inside of your mouth. They create images that can display cavities, cracks, chips, wisdom teeth, signs of disease, and more. The most commonly used is the bitewing. It shows upper and lower teeth and can show any decay that takes place between the teeth along with structural imperfections. Panoramic x-rays show all the teeth along with your jaw and sinus passages as well. These are perfect for finding teeth that are impacted along with abnormalities within teeth or along your jaw. Tumors are also often spotted using panoramic x-rays. Periapical x-rays show your tooth in its entirety, root to tip, and any problems that could be within. Occlusal x-rays show the floor of your mouth along with the roof and display images of issues below the gum line.

When You Need Them

When you need x-rays is entirely based on several factors, including when your last set of x-rays had been taken. When you first visit our office, you will likely get a series of periapical x-rays, and during your checkups, you will receive the standard bitewing x-rays. Occlusal are used only if there is a suspected problem, along with panoramic x-rays which are used when we need a more thorough understanding of what is going on.

Why You Need Them

Probing and visually examining teeth can only go so far. It is essential to catch disease or decay before they become serious problems, which can mean less pain or destruction for you. X-rays can often catch tooth decay or problems before they are visible on the tooth’s surface, which means the dentist can take care of them in a hurry. That saves you time, money, patience, stress, and potentially a lot of pain that you would encounter if you had left it untreated.

Is It Safe?

Dental x-rays still use radiation. However, the amount you are exposed to is extremely limited (especially with digital x-rays), with panoramic having the most since it goes around your head. We have taken all of the best measures to ensure that you are safe as can be, and there are always further developments that keep you even safer.

Laguna View Family Dental is dedicated to your safety and comfort. If you have any concerns about the safety, purpose, or frequency of your x-rays, just ask your dentist. We are always here to help so call us today at (916) 683-1335!

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